Chatter Plus and Employee community seem to be very similar licenses.

Chatter Plus Community

  1. Is there a general difference between Chatter Plus and Employee Community?
  2. Do they have the same object permissions?

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Actually, there is 3 options: - Chatter Plus - Employee Community - force.com license

Differences: - force.com allows to create or edit accounts and contacts, while chatter/community are read only on account/contact - all 3 licenses share a common limit on 10 custom objects - none of the 3 license types grants access to opportunity, pricebook, product, order -> need a full CRM license to work on those objects - employee portals allows users to issue their own cases or review cases

so in other words: - if you are not running your internal ticket management over SF (using case) and don't need to create account/contact go for cheapest license, which is chatter plus - otherwise one of the two others

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