I would like a report that counts the number of emails sent by month, by "email name". Is there a tool that offers these metrics? I know this can be accomplished using SQL joining _sent and job, but I'm only retrieving 6 months' worth of data and require a year's worth. The email Tracking extract would not work here either as the report does not contain "Email Name."

Any suggestions?

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I'd suggest this method, which mirrors the Send object (accessible via SOAP API) into a data extension. It represents the entire history of sends and aggregated stats by ID (Job_id). It also includes email name.


  1. Create the Send data extension
  2. Create a SSJS Script Activity -- Just copy and paste the code from the site. It assumes the target data Extension is named Send.
  3. Create an Automation, add the Script Activity, and schedule it to run daily

You'll need to do the month-over-month part in Excel or with another Query Activity using the Send data extension as a source.

Also, triggered sends will be a problem in your month-over-month metrics -- as they do not get new Job IDs unless they're published.

  • You're the man Adam, thank you! Sep 17, 2021 at 14:44

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