A member of our support team gave me a list of 100 Account ID's and their associated 'Customer Success Manager' in text form. I was asked to upload this data to salesforce, using Data Loader.

I asked if I could have the ID of each customer success manager, but was informed that it was not available from the account object.

When I tried to upload the data, I received this message on each of the accounts:

Customer Success Manager: id value of incorrect type: 'name'

It would appear I need to provide an ID for each of the customer success managers, but how to get that, Im not sure.

Details of the custom Customer Success Manager field: enter image description here

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From the above screenshot it seems that 'Customer Success Manager' is a lookup to the User Object. What you can do is, since you have the Customer Success Manager in name form, you could run a query for those against the User object and get the Ids for each of those names. Then in your initial AccountId->Customer Success Manager Name, replace the name with the newly obtained Id and run the update again. Hope it helps.

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