I have a requirement where field history of custom field Account_Update__c should be tracked as a log in an another custom field called Account_Update_Timeline__c which is a long text field.

I'm aware that we can do it OOB using object's field history tracking but I want to display the log on record detail page as a field.

Now, I found this link where it was suggested to use WF Rule to track the field value changes but i could only display last changed value instead of all the values as a log. I mean it should be as follows

datetime - oldvalue1
datetime - oldvalue2
datetime - oldvalue3

Do i need to make any changes to WF Rule here to display all the changes one after other or is there any better approach. Please suggest


To keep all the historical changes, basically you just need to keep adding the updated timeline to the field Account_Update_Timeline__c.

In your Workflow, use the Field Update action to set the field value:

Account_Update_Timeline__c &
IF(NOT ISBLANK(Account_Update_Timeline__c), BR(), '') & /* Don't add new line for 1st line */
TEXT(NOW()) + ' - ' + Account_Update__c
  • Thanks @Hengky :) – SK_112 Jun 24 '20 at 9:08

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