I'm trying to track history of Account Description field.

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Related list just shows it has changed, but seems no value changes being tracked. Tried to query using SOQL, but it doesn't give any value changes.

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Are we supposed to have our own approach to track long text fields? (e.g. have custom object and append records upon saving usign trigger). What is a recommended approach to do this? or anything I'm missing on this.

Appreciate any thoughts. Cheers!

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The "Track Changes" fields (basically, anything that's a LTA) is a limitation of the platform; it can only track changes for fields of 255 characters or less. In the UI, the changes would be listed as "Field was changed." rather than having specific from/to values. If you want to track the full values, you would indeed need a trigger/process builder to track the full values. Note that this is going to be relative cost-ineffective, as each custom object record needs 2KB of storage.


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