Am trying to create a public group in salesforce , when am adding the all customer portal user into one group, and then i saved it , after when i click on view users in the group which i have created just now , am not able to find the customer user in these group ,

Note : all these customer user use license type "Customer Community Login"

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I think this will help you..


• You can’t include high-volume community users in: ◊ Personal groups or public groups.

◊ Sharing rules.

• High-volume community users can’t manually share records they own or have access to.

• You can’t transfer cases from non-high-volume community users to high-volume community users.

• High-volume community users can’t own accounts.

• You can’t add case teams to cases owned by high-volume community users.

Setting Up Your First Community Granting High-Volume Community Users Access to Records

Characteristics of High-volume community users:

• Are contacts enabled to access a community.

• Are assigned to the Customer Community, High Volume Customer Portal, or Authenticated Website license.

• Only share the records they own with Salesforce users in sharing groups.


It's a bit old post but providing info for the people who are still looking around for a solution. Try adding "All Customer Portal Users" to the public group. It worked for me. I can see all Customer Community users in the group as members.

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