I've created one community to be used for users with

  • Customer Community Plus Licence
  • Customer Community Licence
  • Partner Community Licence

Now I'm running into sharing problems. Our goal is that all Community Users (regardless if the are Community, Community Plus or Partner) should see all contacts.

Our OWD Sharing settings are:

  • Account and Contract ==> Public Read/Write
  • Contact ==> Controlled by Parent

Expected Behavior (as needed for all community users)

Now, for users with Partner Community License and Customer Community License, I could see all the records on the list view "All Contacts" of the object "Contact". All fine:

Expected Behaviour for user of Customer Community Plus User Licence

So this work only for user with Partner Community License and Customer Community License, but NOT for Customer Community Plus User Licence

Actual Behavior (Customer Community Plus)

But when we login as User with License "Community Plus" we can only see a few records. Users with this license should see exactly the same contacts as users having one of the other two license types - as shown above. But unfortunately there are only shown a few contacts:

Behaviour for user of Customer Community Plus User Licence in reality Behaviour for user with Customer Community Plus User Licence in reality

Sharing Settings

Now when I put Contact instead of "Controlled by Parent" to "Public Read/Write" it works for and the both users behave the same. But on "Controlled by Parent" (which I need!!) they behave differently. How can I make them behave exactly the same without putting the contact sharing to Read/Write

enter image description here


How to make the Customer Plus Community Users to show exactly the same Contacts as the Customer Community while keeping the OWD as "Controlled by Parent"?

  • 2
    Is that real customer data in your screenshot?
    – David Reed
    Jul 15, 2019 at 14:13
  • No. The data is not real customer data
    – Aaron
    Jul 15, 2019 at 14:15
  • That's a strange one - are all accounts visible to the Customer Community Plus user? Do you have a Sharing Set in the community? Have you opened a case with Salesforce support? Jul 18, 2019 at 8:32

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enter image description here

Enabling this option "Allow community users to see contacts that have not been enabled for communities" in the community setting got all contacts back!

Kindly check and let know

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