I'm integrating SF with other systems using the standard SF API (SOAP and REST). For this, I'm using a specific user which has a special profile (using API Only permission). The Integration user has the Language set on English.

However I need to return the request results on different languages (ES, FR, etc). For instance, the value of picklist should be translated.


Is it possible set on login or in the request the language?


Results are returned, by default, in the organization's language. Using the toLabel function returns localized values; this is required to support multi-language organizations. In neither case can you specify the translation language to perform transactions in. You would have to update the user's language key before running the transaction.


With SOAP API, you can set LocaleOptions in the request header.

Specifies the language of the labels returned.

Note that it will only work for certain 'describe' calls. I haven't found a corresponding option for REST.

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