I am fairly new to APIs but I get the how a REST API works quite well. THE Exact Target REST API V1 doesn't have the features that I am currently after so I am wanting to see if I can make use of the SOAP API instead. Unfortunately I am not using one of the languages that has an API wrapper written for it. I am using R. Is anyone able to point me in the right direction for some clear documentation on how to do a call to the soap api from a non standard language?

Thanks in advance.


You can get the raw SOAP WSDL's from Getting Started Developers and the ExactTarget API - WSDL Links.

From there you can drill into the Basic API Tasks, such as Creating a Subscriber. This includes the Sample SOAP Envelope.

Between the WSDL and the SOAP Envelope it would just be a matter of the implementation in the language of your choice.

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