I need to debug self-registration for a Salesforce Lightning Community, however since the user is not logged in yet (using self-registration code), I don't know which user to select for DEBUG.

Does anyone know which user to monitor? Or, how I might trace debug statements on a public (anonymous) Community?

  • The force.com sites connected with communities has a gues user, you can try monitoring with that user? – Raul Apr 30 '18 at 19:38
  1. Go to Setup --> Communities --> Workspace --> Administration --> Pages ---> Click on Site.com --> You would redirected to Site page related to community --> Click Public Access Setting --> You would redirected to Guest User Profile --> Click View All User--> You will get name/link of guest user.

  2. Goto setup --> Debug Log --> and setup the debug for that guest user.

  3. If you are using google chrome then open console (CTRL+SHIFT+I) and execute this line: document.cookie="debug_logs=debug_logs;domain=.force.com"; (not needed after v41.0 but you can perform step this to be in just in case if still require.)

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