I am trying to setup Community Self-Registration on a Lightning Community with a modification to use an existing account and contact vs creating a new contact and using the default account. After figuring out that CommunitiesSelfRegController is only used for classic Communities, I updated LightningSelfRegisterController in my dev environment and ran through the self-registration process while debugging the guest access user.

Oddly, LightningSelfRegisterController doesn't appear to be getting called (no debug statements in logs), even though I opened the selfRegister Lightning Component, which is the one used on the /Register page, and verified that LightningSelfRegisterController is the controller declared in the <component/> tag:

<aura:component controller="LightningSelfRegisterController">

Assuming that I still may not have setup the DEBUG log correctly, I even went as far as inserting throw new CustomException() statements in the controller method calls, but the self-registration page completely ignores it and just registers the user using the default process.

Do I need to tell Salesforce to use the customized LightningSelfRegisterController vs the standard process in same way?


The solution that worked for me:

  1. Create a copy of selfRegister component
    • Just copy-paste the code
    • It's because selfRegister component appears only in Identity group and I couldn't re-use those components on my custom pages
    • I was using Build Your Own Template and had to create another Customer Service (Napili) theme to get selfRegister and LightningSelfRegisterController
  2. Change a name of the new component in design bundle (.design file)
  3. Create a new public page that will contain your new component
  4. Update self-registration setting to point to your new registration page
    • Setup > All Communities > Workspaces > Administration > Registration > Community Builder Page: New Register Page
  5. Setup logs for a Guest User
    • Put Site In Lookup field, when setting the trace, to show all community Guest Users
  6. In an anonymous window open your community page, click Sign Up
    • You should be redirected to your new Registration page
  7. Now you should be seeing full debug logs

To me, it looks like Login Pages / Identity Components (Self Registration, Change Password, Login Form, ...) have debug logs turned off by design.

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  • Thanks @Michal, I was able to get it to work with this approach. Curious to know if you ran in to minor styling issues on form fields/button when you copied the existing component? Also, designer attribute names are strange too. – Swisher Sweet May 2 '18 at 21:43
  • 1
    @SwisherSweet If I remember correctly copied component wasn't exactly the same as the one from Idenity Components section. I was doing custom registration form I had no styling issues. If you could be more specific I will be happy to help you. – Michal Vavra May 3 '18 at 16:47
  • Thanks, I figured out they are not the same as well, so corrected the styling manually using CSS. Thanks again! – Swisher Sweet May 3 '18 at 20:30

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