I am trying to import .csv file to SalesForce Knowledge.

First Question : I cannot find the "Knowledge" option in "Custom Objects". When I goto Data Import Wizard,I should be able to see this. Am I missing some permission or setting? Please guide...

Import Knowledge Custom Object

Second question: Did anyone try importing knowledge using this wizard? I have a .csv file which contains the fields similar to the ones in my "Record Type". I want to import my .csv and load few KBs using this wizrd. Please guide me here as I am completely new to SF.


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You need to select Import Articles instead of Data Import Wizard option from setup menu.

Quoting from documentation:

From Setup, enter Import Articles in the Quick Find box, then select Import Articles.

Salesforce reference document: Import Existing Information into Salesforce Knowledge

  • I want to use data import wizard , instead of creating a .zip file with .html, .properties etc. I can see the option to import knowledge data in my trailhead salesforce instance. I cannot see the same in another instance.
    – Techie
    Jun 13, 2017 at 10:56

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