I'm trying to Set up Object Search to find articles related to a customer question in Einstein Bots.

The search works well but for some reason I can not surface any custom fields of the Knowledge object because they don't appear in the picklist. I created a custom chatbot user with system admin profile (for testing) and knowledge user permission. So far I was only able to add standard fields (Title, Summary,...) in the chatbot configuration.

Is this a limitation or am I missing something?

FYI: I was following this guide for setting it up: Einstein bots cookbook

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I managed to show the information by querying it from the knowledge article version associated with the article selected by the user.

The flow tries to query records based on {!InputKnowledgeArticle.Id} If the decision indicates the article is found the answer is merged into a text variable and returned.

Flow to query the item

Based on the returned answer we can display the appropriate response.

Steps to use the flow and display response

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