We have just - for the first time - sent an email using dynamic content for one of our commercial clients.

It was quick and easy - we built 15 different content blocks, 1 template, and 1 data extension. Each person in the data extension received one of the 15 versions (based upon academic subjects).

The client has asked for a report so they can see how many people opened each different version, and we have drawn a blank. The version in 'My Tracking' shows an overall view, and the 'Impression Tracking by Job' report shows how many clicks each version got, but I can't find a report that shows us the delivery rate and open rate of each version. There must be such a think - what can I do?

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You have to determine the combination of content each subscriber receives with AMPScript, store it in an AMPScript variable and and include that variable name as a column in the Send Log. Once you've started collecting the data, you can aggregate the tracking data, either from the System Data Views or Data Extract of Tracking Data imported back into Data Extensions.

You can also use Impression Regions and the corresponding canned report, but you can't (easily) use dynamic names for your regions.


You can use Discover Reports. There are discover reports available in Marketing Cloud Discover Reports. For your use case you can use Recent Email Send Summary . You can go to Discover Reports from Analytics Builder-Reports. On Right hand side under Report Catalog you can see Discover folder.


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