I have a welcome email, which dynamically (through AMPScript) shows one content to users who have already subscribed, and a different content to new users.

Now I want to add a drip two of my campaign, but ONLY to the new users. Is there a way to query or build a filter/measure of only people send one version of this email? The content for each version is saved in the portfolio.

  • Hi dtay, can you provide more information about how the Welcome Email is being sent? The more detail you can provide, the better the answers we can give you :) – Cameron Robert Mar 15 '17 at 23:09
  • Thanks Cameron, it's a triggered email, from an API call. It sends as soon as we receive the info. The subscriber is added to all subscribers as well as a data extension specific for this welcome. Let me know if there's anything else that could be useful. – dtay15 Mar 17 '17 at 1:32

Thanks for the extra info Dtay.

You could try using LookupRows (or just Lookup) to search for the subscriber in the _Subscribers data view.

My interpretation is that Subscribers are added "on send", so if they are new, they wont exist at the time this AMPScript runs. This means you can use RowCount to count the LookupRows; if 0, then they don't exist, and are therefore "new".

However, if Salesforce does add the Subscriber before the AMPScript runs, then you may want to check the "DateJoined" field against the Now() DateTime using DateDiff. If the Subscriber joined < 1 Day ago, then they are "new"; anything larger than that would be "existing".

Depending on your PrimaryKey in Salesforce (SubscriberKey or EmailAddress), you may need to use LookupOrderedRows to make sure you select the "newest" record (Ordinal #3 = "DateJoined DESC").

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