I have created a batch to aggregate our order data into Opportunity and OpportunityLineItem records so that it will feed into the out-of-the-box Customizable Forecasting module. The Opportunity data is coming through more or less as expected, but the forecast records aren't calculating!

I enabled all relevant users in the Forecast Hierarchy at least a week ago. It has been over a day since the Opportunity data was created. I also made sure the Opportunity records have the correct ForecastCategory and Quantity values:

Forecasting Opportunity Data

The product families are set up and if I drill down to the OpportunityLineItem data, there are records with the expected values there as well.

Is there anything else I can check to get this data to roll up into the forecasting module? Here's a screenshot of my Forecast Settings for reference:

Forecast Settings


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Of course I found this article after posting a bounty:

Revenue or Quantity not up-to-date in Forecasts tab for Customizable Forecasts

Knowledge Article Number 000240617

Some users may notice a mismatch between Revenue and Quantity when viewing forecasts in the Forecasts tab.

This would typically happen if the Forecast calculation is in progress. You'll notice the Forecasts Recalculation icon (Forecasts Recalculation icon) on the header of columns that are still being calculated. Wait a few moments to allow the calculation enough time to process then refresh the page. If the calculation hasn't completed within 24 hours please log a case through the help portal and include as much details as possible about the forecast in the Case Description.

I revisited the Forecasts tab and what do you know:

Forecast calculation in progress

It's been over 72 hours at this point, so I'll go ahead and log a case. Hopefully someone else will benefit from this Q&A. Bit of a dumb oversight...guess I just needed to step away and get some fresh eyes on the issue.

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