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How is the Forecast Amount calculated in Salesforce?

This is related to another question of mine: Adding new custom column to Forecast Type in Forecasts And basically I have the ad-hoc notion that the Forecast amount already covers the requirement, it ...
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Adding new custom column to Forecast Type in Forecasts

I haven't worked with forecasts before, but I'm required to add a new column to appear in one of our Quota tracking reports. The main fields of the report are Forecast Category and Quota amount, and ...
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Querying the Forecast Hierarchy for custom forecast Solution

I am building a custom 'Customizable Forecast' tab from scratch using Visualforce and a custom controller to add some new features. One of my requirements is to forecast off of the 'forecast hierarchy'...
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Why Won't My Forecasts Calculate When Opportunity Data Is Created?

I have created a batch to aggregate our order data into Opportunity and OpportunityLineItem records so that it will feed into the out-of-the-box Customizable Forecasting module. The Opportunity data ...
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