I am wondering if time-based workflow rules cause triggers to fire. The use-case is I use a trigger to look for a field to be checked and then send an email out via a trigger (workflow rule is not an option because it requires BCC addresses). The email also looks for a particular attachment in the notes and attachments section of the opportunity. This attachment is automatically uploaded via a third-party, but it takes a few seconds for it to show up... currently, the email gets sent out before the attachment is uploaded.

I am wondering if a time-based workflow rule to update a field on the opportunity will still cause the trigger to fire. If so, I believe this would solve my issue of the email being sent out before the attachment is there.

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    If the Time-Based Workflows update any records in an object and if there is a trigger on update, then yes. They would execute the triggers on the object. – Bugude Jun 7 '16 at 19:16

Any field update from a Workflow Rule/Process Builder/Apex Trigger will cause update triggers on affected records to fire.

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