My goals is to create a custom activty for JourneyBuilder.

At this point, I am able to create one, which can send EXECUTE requests to an external app. Now I want to add some customization during activity's configuration phase (e.g. add a text for a messaging activity). I followed this demo app tutorial:


where they pushed the configuration message into inArguments array of the activity's JSON. This happens after initActivity event is captured.

And here comes my problem. It seems, that neither initActivity nor initActivityRunningModal is ever fired during the process of configuration (ready event is being triggered.) Veryfied through console.log().

Moreover, when I switched back to the official example of a custom activity: (https://code.exacttarget.com/app-development/journey-builder-development/extend/example-rest-activity.html) I found, that I also can't capture events like clickedNext and event updateButton sent to the JB has no visible effect at all.

The connection should be OK since I can detect getEndpoins and requestPayload events being triggered.

What may I do wrong?



Ok, my fault. After adding some logs into Postmonger library I've noticed that I recieve completely different events, than expected. After searching here on StackExchange I've found, that I was using old version of API (this post helped o lot: updateActivity method with Journey Builder Customer Activities). So, the only thing needed to make it work is to add/change a line "workflowApiVersion": "1.1" into config.json

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