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B2B Commerce Promotions Stop Working

In early June 2023, we configured promotions in B2B Commerce to work correctly. As we were migrating to User Acceptance Testing (UAT), the promotions stopped working and we notice new promotions ...
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2 answers

How to fix [industries_mfg_common:mfgAnalyticsDashboard] attribute [dashboardName]: Error while fetching dashboards?

Have you encountered the following error message while attempting to install a managed package? Error (1): Encountered errors installing the package! Installation errors: 1) (CustomRecordPage) ...
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4 votes
1 answer

New Dark Borders & Lines Since Summer 23 Release

I noticed this appear after the release of Summer 23 in my org on June 10th. Now my quick action buttons have a dark border around them, my fields have a darker grey line under them, and the tabs have ...
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Multicurrency cannot be enabled in scratch org

Due to summer '23 release, it is now not possible to specify Multicurrency as a feature in the scratch org definition file. Therefore, it has to be enabled under settings: "settings": { &...
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7 votes
1 answer

Scratch Org Problems with Summer 23 Release

We have automation in place that builds scratch orgs for development and testing of an application. We dynamically generate the project-scratch-def.json file based on options that the developer or ...
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1 answer

Field 'Subject' on Case Kanban View not showing

When creating a list view for Cases the field 'Subject' is not shown when setting the list view as 'Display as Kanban' but it ís showing when setting it as 'Display as Table'. This despite setting '...
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1 answer

Loyalty Management API's "Get Ledger History" returns Resource Not Found

This is the documentation of API call: I am doing everything certainly by the book, yet ...
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Dynamic Form/Layout and Summer 23

I have a problem since the preparation of the release Summer 23. In the Person Account record page we have a Details tab using the old Page Layout but recently we added a new tab with Dynamic Layout ...
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1 vote
2 answers

LWC registerRefreshHandler method throwing error via new lightning/refresh module

I am trying to implement the new lightning/refresh module into one of my LWC's, but am finding that I get a component error anytime I try to load my Salesforce instance after deploying. Invalid ...
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0 answers

Will the Limitation for Lightning Web Security be fixed soon?

Salesforce is releasing Lightning Web Security(LWS) for Aura as GA in Summer 23, and in the LWS Limitation Article says that window.location cannot be used because LWS set that to null. My questions ...
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1 answer

How to find flows that access Browser Session IDs?

In the upcoming Summer'23 release, this is one of the updates: "Disable Access to Browser Session IDs in Flows". The "Review Your Flows" section of the update simply states: "...
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