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Kanban view displays a visual summary for a selection of records, organizing them by status. By seeing all your records at once, you can more effectively monitor your work and keep deals moving forward.

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Sort list/kanban view by integer formula field

I have a requirement in which I will need to sort a list/kanban view by an integer formula field. Is this possible? I've checked the documentantion and found nothing related to this topic. Thanks in ...
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Field 'Subject' on Case Kanban View not showing

When creating a list view for Cases the field 'Subject' is not shown when setting the list view as 'Display as Kanban' but it ís showing when setting it as 'Display as Table'. This despite setting '...
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Can I find a list of objects that do not support the Kanban view?

I recently discovered while working with Financial Services Cloud that several FSC objects, including FinancialDeal, do not support the Kanban view. However, it's hard to distinguish whether they ...
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Not able to use Custom Field On Kanban view to group the records for Contact Object

While creating kanban view on Contact object, I could not see the custom field available for grouping. Is their a way we can bring it? Or it has the limitation? Note:- Only standards fields are ...
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Aura iteration for Kanban

I'm trying to create Kanban. My lists have many cards, but I can see only one card per list. I added ORDER BY ListId__c to SOQL but I still can't see other cards. First 2 lists have a few cards. How ...
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Can we default to kanban view in managed package?

I am having a custom object in managed package and i want that object's list view to be a kanban view by default? What do we need to do to so that the package when installed will be viewable as a ...
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Grouping Account Kanban List View by Owner

One of my Users created a Kanban List View for Accounts which grouped them by Owner. The original problem was that there were several (deprecated) Record Types that were splitting the records up. I ...
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LEX: Kanban listview migration

Question regarding the Kanban view for the Object ListView. I successfully migrated a new object, all its fields, page layouts, record types and the list view from sandbox using a change set. I had a ...
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Is there a way to add New links to List Views along with existing links?

I would like to know if there is a way to add a new link to List view records along with existing links like Edit | Delete | Change Owner?
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Kanban View and Required dependent picklist

We have a picklist called Reasons. It is a required field. We use it for determining reasons Won and Lost. The values for each of these are different so we use standard dependency between Stage and ...
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How can I force Open Tasks to display in Kanban view

I want to view tasks in the Kanban view. I'd like to not have to click Display As ... Kanban every time I view my Open Tasks. Can I make this setting permanent?
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Salesforce Opportunity Kanban View grayed out

We have an issue with the Opportunity Kanban view, it’s displaying few records grayed out irrespective of the path value (Pic attached below). Went through a blog (
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Update a field while changing stage in Kanban Lightning View

If a validation rule blocks movement or dragging of records or between stages; can those fields be visible/pop up and/or updated easily without having to open the record details?
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