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Custom dispatch event firing in one sandbox but not in another sandbox

I am firing a custom event from child lwc to parent Aura component the code is working in the one sandbox but the same code not working in the another sandbox. I tried to console the events , the one ...
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LWC - @api property does not render on child component

I have a 4 layers LWC component: great-grandparent > grandparent > parent > child. I want to pass an @api property from great-grandparent to display and modify data in child. Because the ...
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Pass various data from Child to Parent LWC

Hello everybody I have a child LWC inside of a Parent LWC. In the child component I have some input fields that I pass to the parent component. In one of them I have a combobox field so when the user ...
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What's the benefit of using Custom Event over Lightning Messaging Service? [closed]

Custom Events are used to pass the data from child component to parent component but we can achieve the same functionality with Lightning Messaging Service(LMS). What is the benefit of using custom ...
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How to fire custom event in visual force page and handle it in Aura component?

I have a vfpage loaded in LWC using iframe and this LWC is called in a parent Aura component. I have a requirement where I have to fire an custom event in VFpage to send details and handle it in Aura ...
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How to configure config.json so that batch contacts gets processed?

I am designing a journey builder custom activity. The official documentation says execute - The API calls this method for each contact processed by the journey. However I want to to configure ...
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Why Am I getting NoErrorObjectAvailable error when ever i try to refer to the custom event of child in parent

PARENT.HTML <template> <lightning-layout multiple-rows> <!-- Top --> <lightning-layout-item size="12"> <lightning-card title="Find a ...
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CustomEvent not firing to parent component

I am not sure why, but my dispatch event isn't firing to the parent when the combo box changes selections. The alert is getting triggered, but setting the boolean values do not get triggered when the ...
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1 answer

Event not getting fired from a lwc custom lookup component

I have used a custom lightning datatable which has a component displayed as a lookup customLightningDatatable.html import LightningDatatable from 'lightning/datatable'; import lookupTemplate from './...
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TypeError: parameter 1 is not of type 'Event'

I am extending the functionality of the lightning-datatable component and while trying to dispatch a CustomEvent I am receiving the following error: TypeError: Failed to execute 'dispatchEvent' on '...
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Distinguish between the Standard DOM event and the CustomEvent

How to distinguish between the Standard DOM event and the CustomEvent dispatched by LWC Component? Assume we have some 2 simple LWС Components <!--child.html--> <template> <input ...
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Unable to catch dispatched custom event. Instead have to use a Callback function. Why?

I am attempting to add a confirmation dialog (yes/no) for a predefined action on a LWC which does archiving. Basically need to show a popup saying do you confirm and the user selects yes/no to proceed....
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How to check the CustomEvent detail in a Jest test for an LWC?

I'm on my first day of writing Jest tests for one of our LWCs, and that component fires an event with some dates included as the event detail: @api get selectedDates() { return this....
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LWC: Any idea if Custom Events will be filtered in the future releases?

I am trying to implement GTM(google tag manager) with a community following this article. The problem I am experiencing is that GTM cannot see the lightning web components that were loaded in the ...
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