I'd like to create a lead via apex and set it's address. I've read that Address is a compound field and that it is totally read only unless via SOAP/REST API. Looking at the docs, I could only find getter methods - nothing to set a value.

How do I go about setting an address via apex?

Thank you!

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You set the individual fields, such as BillingStreet, BillingCity, BillingState, BillingPostalCode, and BillingCountry (plus the geolocation codes, as well, if you prefer). The address complex field is a convenience field derived from the parts, just as a contact or lead's "Name" field is really a concatenation of the various parts of their name (first, last, etc).


Here's an example for a new Lead:

Lead lead = new Lead(

                    OwnerId = u.Id,

                    FirstName = 'John',
                    LastName = 'Doe',
                    Email = 'jdoe@congress.gov,
                    Company = 'USA,
                    Title = 'Senator',

                    LeadSource = 'Website',

                    Street = '2100 Woodward Ave',
                    City = 'Detroit',
                    State = 'MI',
                    PostalCode = '48201',
                    Country = 'US',

                    RecordTypeId = recordTypeId

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