I have an Account validation rule that fires when a specific picklist (Cooling Appliance) value is NOT selected on an Account that has a specific picklist (Program Name2) value selected on another picklist field. Here is the formula:

ISPICKVAL(Program_Name2__c, "Smart House Call - CAC") && 
NOT (ISPICKVAL(Cooling_Appliance__c, "Central AC"))

I need to add additional logic so that the validation rule only fires when the Cooling Appliance picklist is not Null. Basically IF a user selects a value and it is NOT Central AC, the validation rule fires. I tried adding the following to the beginning of the formula but I keep getting syntax errors stating ")" are missing but everytime I add one somewhere it doesnt help.

IF (NOT(ISBLANK(TEXT(Program_Name2__c)))) && 

I'm not sure if/where in the formula I should have the close parenthesis or if I actually need to add/change functions or operators. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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The IF at the start of your second function is unnecessary.

NOT(ISBLANK(TEXT(Program_Name2__c))) && ISPICKVAL(Program_Name2__c, "Smart House Call - CAC") && NOT(ISPICKVAL(Cooling_Appliance__c, "Central AC"))


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