I've tried tried using the Interactions method to retreive (GET) all Interactions. This works fine, however the triggers array is empty for each Interaction object:

    "name":"Gold Member Rewards",

If I use the method to get an Interaction by Id (that is, I retrieve a single Interaction) then the Trigger is returned in the response payload.

According to the documentation to retrieve Interactions, the response should contain a Triggers object (as it includes an example with a trigger in the response). But it doesn't behave like this. Is this a bug or has this support been removed?

It's possible to recursively get the trigger for each Interaction, but this requires a lot of API requests to achieve something that should work in a single request.

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If you add the "extras=all" query param, you'll get the triggers:

GET https://jbinteractions.exacttargetapps.com/fuelapi/interaction/v1/interactions/?id=[guid]&mostRecentVersionOnly=true&extras=all

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