I'd like to create URLs in external applications that link directly to products on my Salesforce B2B Lightning site. The Product URLs are


Is there a way to link directly to a product using the SKU (ProductCode/External ID) value? My external systems know what the product SKUs are, but are not aware of the GUID that Salesforce generated for each product.

Thank you!

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Given that there is no documentation that I can find on creating a link using the SKU, my educated guess is no - everywhere else, all links to object detail pages do so via the Salesforce Id of that record (the GUID you're talking about), so I don't think there's anything different here. That said, you may be able to fashion a page in your community that makes use of a component which takes that SKU from a URL parameter, looks up the product and then redirects the user to the appropriate product page. This is an older thread, but may help lead you down the right path (the first answer does not appear applicable). Full disclosure, I have not implemented nor tested this.

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