I am successfully importing a CSV of products and creating Product objects in Salesforce. I'd like to be able to automatically (or even via CSV update) create Standard prices for those objects, but without the step of downloading the products to get the Salesforce ID of each product.

My product codes are unique and I was hoping to be able to look up the Salesforce ID for a product via the Product Code.

I am using Salesforce Essentials so I don't have access to the API. Is this possible, or do I have to do a multistep process:

  • Download all Product2 objects into a CSV (called products).
  • Create a new CSV called products_prices.
  • For each product:
    • Get Salesforce ID, get price from my database.
    • Create a new CSV record in products_prices
  • Upload products_prices using dataloader.io

I am so hoping there is a shorter way to do this.

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Found the secrets:

  • upsert on the Price Book Entries table is not permitted. So you must do an insert for new products (without pricing) and an update for existing products (with prices).
  • mapping differs on insert and update. On insert, you want to map product ID. For me, since I didn't want to download the salesforce product ids, I mapped my unique product code to product ID. On update, you want to map Price Book Entry ID. Again, I used the product code to lookup this value.

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