I want to display a custom field (Rich Text Image) from User to approval History related list which will display the scanned signature of an Approver in aproval process. The Message i get when i add the Signature__c field is "Invalid field Signature__c for SObject Name. But When it works for Standard field Like First Name. I notice that Signature__c is a custuom field of User object Here is my code

<table border="0" >
        <apex:repeat var="cx" value="{!Material_Request__c.ProcessSteps}">

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Actor is a Name object, meaning it points to multiple types of records, and so you can't access custom fields for any given object directly. You'll need a custom extension to query the user records, which you can do:


The map would look like:

public Map<Id, User> userMap { get; set; }
Material_Request__c matReq;

public MyClass(ApexPages.StandardController controller) {
  userMap = new Map<Id, User>();
  matReq = (Material_Request__c)controller.getRecord();
  for(ProcessStep step: matReq.ProcessSteps) {
    userMap.put(step.ActorId, new User(Signature__c=null));
  userMap.putAll([SELECT Signature__c FROM User WHERE Id = :userMap.keySet()]);

Your page will use the extension:

<apex:page standardController="Material_Request__c" extensions="MyClass">

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