I have the following problem, this has been killing me all day today. Even though a read the marketing cloud documentation about AMPscript, I couldn't use dynamic links inside the email that I sent in SFMC.

I am looking for use dynamic links inside the email content like this:

="%%=concat("https://www.xxyy.com/busca?fq=H%3A1425&utm_source=", %%jobid%%, "5430J&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=DESPACHO", Format(now(),"dd/MM/yyyy") )=%%"

Also, when I sent an email, I didn't get success results and then I got the following results:

The overlay has failed to load.

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Instead of writing %%jobid%%, remove the percentages and write only jobid like this:

%%=concat("https://www.xxyy.com/busca?fq=H%3A1425&utm_source=", jobid, "5430J&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=DESPACHO", Format(now(),"dd/MM/yyyy") )=%%"

With personalization strings used within inline code declaration, you don't need to use the percentages. Hope this helps


Like Omri Brandes already said you need to delete the %% around jobid to make it work. But there is another thing i would like to point at. You dont use RedirectTo function in your code, which i believe is another mistake in this.

From Omri Brandes Code:

%%=concat("https://www.xxyy.com/busca?fq=H%3A1425&utm_source=", jobid, "5430J&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=DESPACHO", Format(now(),"dd/MM/yyyy") )=%%

To this code with RedirectTo:

%%=RedirectTo(concat("https://www.xxyy.com/busca?fq=H%3A1425&utm_source=", jobid, "5430J&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=DESPACHO", Format(now(),"dd/MM/yyyy") ) )=%%

Are you aware that Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers a Web Analytics connector where you do not have to set these values manually for every link but instead can set values in the email properties?

Watch the documentation of Web Analytics Connector for a little bit of info, otherwise please comment on my answer ;)

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