I used for example

 Set @FT1TARGETLINK = Concat('https://www.domain.com/',@LANGUAGEURL,@COUNTRYURL,@FT1LINK,'?

in my email and have placed %%=RedirectTo(@FT1TARGETLINK)=%% in my <a href ...

When clicking the links in the sent email it transfers bad parameters, that are not in use in this specific email.


Bad Parameters: 20170912&@LANGUAGEURL,@COUNTRYURL,%27cart/%27,@basketid,%27&utm_source=%27,@LANGUAGECODE,%27-%27,@SCOUNTRYCODE,%27%27,%2720170912

What could be the reason for that?

Thanks Oliver


Try using the TreatAsContent function before redirect.

<a href="%%=RedirectTo(TreatAsContent(Concat(view_email_url,"&ep=20110902&oeid=20110902",Substring(Uppercase(Source),1,1))))=%%">

If this does not work, then try accessing all the variables like this v(@LANGUAGEURL), instead of just @LANGUAGEURL inside the concat function

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