I have quite a quandary which I have searched for a few hours on the forums with no luck.

Process Builder Rules:

  • "Recursion - Allow process to evaluate a record multiple times in a single transaction" = YES

  • "Start the process: when a record is created or edited"

  • Activates on the Child Object (Utility Account)

  • Rules: Activates when the Child Object is set to ACTIVE and the field NumActiveUtilityAccounts on the Parent Object = 1

Object Types:

Parent Object: Opportunity,

Child Object (custom): Utility Account

Important Fields:

On the Child Object, there is a field called "ACTIVE" (checkbox)

On the Parent Object, there is a roll-up field which counts how many Children have been marked ACTIVE (0, 1, 2, etc. ). This field is called NumActiveUtilityAccounts

ISSUE I AM HAVING: Scenario: There are no active utility accounts (NumActiveUtilityAccounts = 0). I am creating a utility account (child object) under the parent object, and when I create it, it is marked as ACTIVE. Although the process builder should fire since it is ACTIVE and now the NumActiveUtilityAccounts = 1, it does not because of some issue with the formulaic / rollup field NumActiveUtilityAccounts.

Sorry if this seems quite complicated, but maybe someone can help me. Thank you!


Your process builder on the child object is failing to execute because the field 'NumActiveUtilityAccounts' on the parent object Opportunity is not yet updated and still has value 0 in the database.

Please review the salesforce order of execution in this link

I would recommend exploring options on parent record to drive your business logic.

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