I have Salesforce CPQ (Steelbrick) and am trying to put a custom header and footer on the quote template. I went to template content, clicked new, selected Template Top, clicked continue and for testing purposes I just changed

{!template.SBQQ__CompanyCity__c}, {!template.SBQQ__CompanyState__c} {!template.SBQQ__CompanyPostalCode__c}

so that it was above


and then clicked save. I then went to Quote Templates, opened the template I wanted to change, and then edited it. I changed the Header Content to the new Template Top I just created. I then opened a quote and went to preview document. I selected the template I just changed and set the paper size to letter and hit preview. I end up with the standard header and no change to it. how to I get the quote template to use my custom header?

  • Did you set Header Height? Just guessing but it may not apply the header without a specified height...? – OBerm Jun 25 '19 at 18:52


I missed the part about creating template sections.

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