Generating a CPQ Quote Document I get differently rendered PDFs, depending on whether I look at them via Preview Document or Generate Document and then save. The main issue is, generated & saved documents are all in bold text, whereas the template defines bold and non-bold texts. It seems there is also a different font used (but I'm not an expert on font faces, so it might just be the bold text).

Preview-generated document:

enter image description here

Generate & Save:

enter image description here

The style of each column is set to

enter image description here

Yes, there is only one template. Any idea what could be the reason for this?

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Oh dear, there is no issue in creating the respective PDFs.

With document preview, a PDF file is generated and then left to the browser to render it.

If you click on a saved PDF, Salesforce renders a preview image. This preview image is not rendered correctly, looking like boldness looks the same.

  • Faced the same issue, isn't this something which should be raised as a bug with SF?
    – Sagnik
    Mar 3 at 9:21

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