I'd like to know if there is a difference on storage usage if all the fields on a record have data in them (to the max characters) vs. a record where only a couple of fields have data in them?

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No a record will take 2KB space irrespective of whether you fill one field or all fields.

Read Salesforce record size overview on how salesforce calculates record storage space.

Estimated storage for records by object type:

  • Leads -- 2KB
  • Contacts -- 2KB
  • Accounts -- 2KB
  • Person Accounts - 4KB
  • Opportunities -- 2KB
  • Forecasts -- 2KB
  • Events -- 2KB
  • Tasks -- 2KB
  • Cases -- 2KB
  • Case Team Member -- 2KB
  • Solutions -- 2KB
  • Notes -- 2KB
  • Custom Reports -- 2KB
  • Campaigns -- 8KB
  • Campaign Members -- 1KB
  • Contracts -- 2KB
  • Google Docs -- 2KB
  • Quotes -- 2KB
  • Tags: unique tags -- 2KB
  • Custom Objects -- 2KB
  • Quote Template Rich Text Data -- 2KB
  • Articles -- 4KB*
  • Email Message -- 2KB**
  • Person Accounts -- 4KB***
  • *May vary based on the content of rich text area (RTA) fields. Images from (RTA) are stored in file storage area.
  • **May vary dependent on whether the email message is HTML. For example, a 100KB email message will consume 100KB of data storage space. Text only emails will take less than HTML due to only being the body text and not the html code and text version as well.
  • ***Person Accounts consume roughly 4KB. They are a junction of two individual records, an Account and a Contact. For example, 500,000 person accounts will require around 2GB of storage. Storage needed = (500000 X 4KB)/1024 = 1953.125 MB which when further divided by 1024 = 1.9073 GB which is around 2GB.

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