I've acquired a list of bugs that I'm seeing within the Content Builder version of CloudPages (not ideal, but necessary to use drop & drag blocks in my use case):

  1. Button styling reverts on all buttons even though styles have been saved and published
  2. Intermittent freezing out of UI: still trying to trace back the steps to replicate this one, but once UI freezes, all is lost. Save often.
  3. 2 column, 1 row layout text layout bleeds on mobile version (if using Align Right)
  4. Smart Capture error messages appear to left of field (not technically a bug, but pretty annoying that orientation cannot be managed).

Is there a place to log these? They are not in KNOWN ISSUES within Salesforce

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Depending on the type, there are these two options:

  • Bug: Open a case in the Salesforce Help & Training portal with the information, that you like to report a bug and how this can be reproduced.
  • Idea/Feature request (for example number 4 in your list): Unfortunately this is a bit trickier, as you can only post it on IdeaExchange and hope that your idea gets enough votes for Salesforce to look into it.


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