I am trying to achieve Account specific branding in Communities. So every user belonging to one account sees a specific background. Preferably, the background-image needs to be related to the account record.

I tried using the Edit CSS option in the community Theme settings. Below option: enter image description here

The backgroud css can be applied here, but it can be only one static image URL. Like, I have uploaded the image in documents and made it externally available. The background image is reflected.

I want this to be dynamic, which I am not able to achieve. Is this possible? Or any suggested workarounds?

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I think your best bet is a thing called "Page Variations". You can create audiences and show them different variations of the page (including a different template)

This might still be hard to achieve, but it should be possible to do something similar to what you are wanting, albeit with limits.

enter image description here

In the variation, you can specify things such as profile, and specifically, the Account on a user:

enter image description here

See at the bottom of the image, you have the ability to specify the AccountId.

I have not used this feature yet, so you will need to experiment.


The only way I know of to do something like this would be to use the Experience Id. Unfortunately to access the expid, you would likely need to set up Dynamic Branding URLs for login. You can learn more about this Identity feature by reading Dynamic Branding for Multiple Brands in the Salesforce Identity Implementation Guide.

  • Thanks. Haven't heard of this before. Will try to learn about this and see if this solves my problem Oct 23, 2018 at 17:58

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