By following the below steps from Salesforce Trailhead "Sign Up for a Trailhead Playground with Einstein Lead Scoring", I am able to create a new org with Einstein Lead Scoring.

Salesforce Trailhead Image

But while verifying the step for "Hands-on Challenge" I am getting this error "Sign up for a Trailhead Playground with Einstein Lead Scoring using the link in the instructions."

Trailhead Challenge error

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Its resolved with the same Org. In my experience, the "Launch" button and the "Verify step" button doesn't get the right org. Please refresh the challenge page or try it by log out and log in trailhead again and make sure that the selected playground was the correct one.


you need to make sure that new dev org is linked to your trailhead account, also, make sure the org used to verify the challenge is a dev rather than a playground - if all this fails, then refreshing would be your best bet

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