In Sandbox:- Create a case via 'Email To Case'.

However, when user tries to answer via email(using service cloud console), following error is coming. Strange enough, case can be answered via 'Portal'.

    "The data you were trying to access could not be found. 
It may be due to another user deleting the data or a system error. 
If you know the data is not deleted but cannot access it, please look at our support page."

What can be possible reason?

  • Just a thought - did you remember to disable the "helpful" email thing set by SF when you refresh a sandbox? Go to Setup -> Deliverability and make sure Access level = all email?
    – eyescream
    Dec 11, 2013 at 9:02
  • @eyescream, well thanks. That helped. Can you add this as an answer? Dec 11, 2013 at 10:07

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Hits me every time ;)

Recently (Spring'13) SF decided to be helpful in the emails area. Every time you refresh a sandbox they set the Email Deliverability to only system emails. You need to flip it in the Setup -> Deliverability (Access level = all email).

Without this the "send an email" button is gone on the Activity History rel. list and all other quirky things happen...

See also NO_MASS_MAIL_PERMISSION Error from Unit Test on SingleMailMessage and Developer Sandbox Issue: Email Privileges Revoked

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