I have read a lot of documentation on this, and feel like there's something simple that I am missing that is not allowing the email quick action button/tab to show up on my service case feeds. My company mainly uses Classic mode, and I (as an administrator) am using Lightning mode, but even when I switch back to Classic mode, the email quick action doesn't show up there either.

What I've done:

  1. Email-to-Case is enabled, and routing has been verified
  2. Email Deliverability access is set to All email
  3. Case object feed tracking is enabled
  4. Object Manager > Page Layouts > Account Layout: "Email" quick action field has been added
  5. Object Manager > Salesforce Cases > Salesforce Cases Page Layouts > Case Layout: "Email" quick action field has been added
  6. Double-checked my System Administrator account has "Send Outbound Messages" enabled
  7. My profile has Service Cloud Console checked
  8. Tried creating a new custom layout
  9. I have tested creating a case manually as well as emailing the routing address to create a case. Both work fine, but I can't respond to them.

Is there somewhere other than the Account Layout that I am supposed to add the quick action button? That is the only layout I'm finding.

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Email publisher action is not visible on Case after it is added to the page layout Refer: https://help.salesforce.com/s/articleView?id=000387865&type=1


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