I would like to create a report in Lightning that identifies all of the cases that a service agent "touched" in the prior week. I'm trying to use the case history field "last edited by," and use the filter "Last edited by" = "Current user," but current user is not available as an option for that filter (in the way I could say Last modified date = TODAY). I've been trying to find a workaround. I tried to create a custom formula field, but case history fields cannot be used in formulas. Any ideas would be appreciated!

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If you have role hierarchy setup at your org, then you can create a role based report. This way, if supervisor accesses the report then he/she can view the subordinate's record under his role hierarchy. Also if, team member access this report and under which no subordinates then he can see his own data.

Case History

Use, Case Last Modified date in the Date Field as a filter.

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