Well this is something supposed to be very easy but doesnt seem to work with Authenticated Sites.

In a force.com Sites we can add custom domains to access the different VF pages. It works fine with UNauthenticated site but once user authenticates to the Site the URL/Domain changes to Force.com domain.

So lets say

  • Force.com Site Domain is : myForce.force.com
  • Custom Domain is : example.com
  • Force.com site login page : login.example.com

So whenever a user is logging in somehow URL changes from login.example.com --> myForce.force.com

My assumption was it will remain in the custom domain that is configured. I tried to search for information but couldn't find much help. Any Idea if this possible ?

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Currently, custom domains are not supported for SSL/HTTPS, which means that your authenticated pages will always point to the force.com domain for now. Stay tuned for a future release.


If you add a domain to your Salesforce org (as documented in Domain Management Overview) you can have your domain point to your Salesforce Site or Community using HTTPS.

  • This is considered beta functionality by Salesforce.
  • You have to make a support request to start the process.
  • It will take a few weeks to be ready to use in your production org.
  • You can only test/play/configure this in production. There will not be a sandbox that will let you play with this functionality successfully.
  • If you were using a Community, it can forward/redirect you to the myforce.force.com domain if you didn't change some default functionality (the Network.forwardToAuthPage() method).

The only way that I see the login.example.com authentication page working is if you're using SSO.

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