My site domain is suppose xyz.cs8.force.com now i want that whenever user hits this url he should be automatically redirected to xyz.cs8.force.com/Sitelogin which is the URL of my one custom site which i have created.

How this can be done?


When you are in production you can use the Domain Management features of Salesforce and create a custom URL. You can map www.yourdomain.com to your site. Custom domains are only supported in non sandbox environments, though, so cs8 isn't going to work. You can also specify a Home Page Visualforce page on the site configuration as well, if you want it to go to a specific page.

So, for production www.yourdomain.com will go to the /yoursite site, but won't show the yoursite in the url. If you have a page, e.g., /yoursite/yourPage, that you see in your sandbox as /yourSite/yourPage it will show up in production as www.yourdomain.com/yourPage. If you want your www.yourdomain.com to automatically go to yourPage, make yourPage the Home Page in the Force.com Site configuration.

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