I am in the process of consolidating the profiles in our Org.

I want to create a view / Report that shows me all the profiles that have 5 or less users in them (including ones with no users assigned to them)

Tried using custom reports types with 'Users' but no profile option is present...


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This is not possible using standard report but you can easily do this using APEX

Set<Id> ProfileId = new Set<Id>();
for(AggregateResult ar :[Select count(Id),ProfileId from User Group BY profileId])
        if(Integer.valueOf(ar.get('expr0')) > 5)
List<profile> profileList = [Select Id from Profile WHERE ID NOT IN:ProfileId ];

In the ProfileList you will get name of all profile where user count is less then 5. Then you can easily display this result on Visualforce page.

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