Can the Eclipse Force.com IDE create a force.com project from an existing folder? I have the files pulled from source control but it doesn't seem Eclipse supports it.

I know Mavensmate can do it but can Eclipse do this as well?

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You can right click on the project, go to Force.com and click on "Add Force.com nature".

screenshot of add force.com nature

  • Perfect solution. I had to import the files from git first, like what Nick Cook said, and then added the Force.com Nature.
    – akcorp2003
    Aug 25, 2016 at 16:45

I have not seen any built-in UI for that.

I suggest these steps:

  • Create a Force.com IDE project from a new or existing org
  • Pull the files from your source control system into the src folder of the project folder (that you can find by right-clicking on the project and looking at the Properties that include the Location)

I came across this as well, and it requires a slightly different process to usual.

You'd want to use the Import feature (File > Import).

If you're using Git, you can select 'Projects from Git', then 'Existing local repository', and go from there.

You can also use this to pull a project from a remote repository.

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