So my organisation purchased x amount of RemedyForce licenses. When I log into Salesforce I can view these licenses as Salesforce Platform licenses as expected. I can also view the x number of additional RemedyForce Self Service Licenses that come with the product. That's fine, except as these only display as Salesforce Platform Licenses and we have x number of these already they simply display as 1 total/used for that license type.

I would like to know how RemedyForce knows that the Platform license is a license for RemedyForce? Does it know, or can any Platform license work?

Hope that makes sense, I am just trying to understand how the link between our license invoice -> salesforce -> BMC works as on the cover in Salesforce the Platform License's althought bought via Salesforce for different things all appear as 1 total.


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When you look at an individual user record there should be a bmc remedyforce section and within this there should be some tick boxes for "Assign Remedyforce License" and "ServiceDesk Staff" i believe it is these tick boxes that BMC uses to know how many licenses you are using.

  • I can't see this in sandbox, I presume when it is installed in production it is slightly different. Essentially is there a difference between the Platform licenses listed under Company Information? Could we utilise these as additional RemedyForce users without going to the partner for more licenses? Commented Apr 22, 2016 at 14:13

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