I have 3 communities in the following format:


I also have 2 of these sites set up with Custom URLs like this:


If no protocol (https or http) is prepended when visiting the communities via a custom URL, then everything works. If http:// is prepended (making the URL http://community1.company.com) then everything still works. But when someone visits https://community1.company.com, we get the standard salesforce under construction page, with the message "https://community1.company.com/community1 is under construction". Is this a custom URL issue or am I doing something wrong? I can't seem to find any documentation or answers on this.

A few notes:

  1. HTTPS is required for all of our sites/communities.
  2. The path for all of our communities is /community1, etc.
  3. The custom URLs redirect to the exact same path as the community. community1.company.com resolves to /community1.

You can see this in action, the first two show the correct behavior and the last one is the problem:



Salesforce supports HTTPS but you must specify that on your pages

When you do that, the URL would be as follows:


That would then support the HTTPS variations as well.

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