I am about to enable Communities in a production org in which customer & partner portals have previously been used with custom URLs through Setup > Domain Management > Domains. The current custom URL is http://CompanyName.force.com with the path directing the user to the different portals.

Is it possible to use this same custom domain and have the path direct the user to a Community when a community is used and to a Portal when a portal is used? If so, what do I enter in the domain name input field when enabling Communities? Because when I do enter the current custom domain, the system errors.

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Short answer to your question is "no, not if you continue to maintain another portal or community". If you plan to host more than one community on a domain, you’ll need to set up custom URLs for each site. That's what SF needs in order to uniquely distinguish the communities within your domain. For more, see Configure a Custom Domain for Your Community as published in the Summer '14 release notes.

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