Hi I want to start with my small ecommerce website. I am going to use developer org. As my cost for development is low.

I know the limitation of salesforce like size, object limitations etc.. This limitations are fine with me.

What all other constraints should I consider and what should I refer. Can you suggest me weather I should go with salesforce or should I look for other technologies.


Salesforce DE's are free to help Devs learn to develop on the platform and Devs agree to the TOS when they sign up for them. Commercial use would be a violation of those Terms of Service (TOS).

There are also limits on the number of visits to a site in a 24 hour period. This kind of use would be violating the spirit of why Salesforce provides an unlimited number of DE's to us that are totally free.


You will have to purchase an org atleast with one license .Its illegal to use developer organization for your commercial purpose .

You may be in serious legal issues .Talk to salesforce on this and you may need a simple license .

With other technology the go to market speed is less and development time and maintainence can be huge deal .

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