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Using External Services with an API that Returns No Body or an Object

I have set up an integration using External Services and this is mainly working as expected. Here is the full schema One of the GET requests returns an object when valid data is found (based on ...
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Salesforce External service generated Dynamic Apex classes has _set attribute which is rejected by target endpoint [duplicate]

Facing the same issue as highlighted in External services generated Dynamic Apex has _set attribute which is rejected by target endpoint. i.e. the when I register an external service with an Open API ...
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External Service with nested objects - How do you set input to the Action in Flow

I setup an external service to execute a Post callout through a Flow Action. The problem is I can't set the input in the action to an Apex-Defined variable which has two variables nested in it. I have ...
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Generating OpenAPI 3.0 spec for out of the box REST APIs in Production on Summer '23

I am working on using Open API 3.0 feature for rest web services and I don't see the option to enable in production. Enabling the Beta To enable this beta, follow these steps. You must have either ...
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External Service to create user in Azure returns Bad Request

Okay here is a tough one. I am playing around with External Services to connect to the Azure (Microsoft Graph) API. I can confirm that my named credential is working and I am successful in querying ...
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