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How to do binary conditional rendering lightning web component [duplicate]

I have created a lightning web component to show several related object tables on a detailpage. Above one of the tables I want to show some extra specific data related to one of the object tables. We ...
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Aura if and else not working as expected

Aura if and else provides conditional rendering. But this is what happening in my case. I have 2 version of my UI one is desktop and other is mobile. Which gets rendered using aura if and else : aura ...
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aria-hidden="true" or aria-live="assertive" is not working with foreach in lwc

I have a requirement where NVDA screen reader should read the error messages (dynamically displayed) on the lwc. I have an array with list of error messages and used to display them. However these ...
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How to add LWC/Aura dynamic App Builder component properties?

I am looking for ways to create Design Properties for an Aura or LWC component so that I can render different values in component properties based on chosen value in one property. Something very ...
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